Happy Birthday To Things In The Sky’s Dan Webb

I’m not much on publicly using Flying With Fish to wish people Happy Birthday, with the exception of my Father who shares his birthday (date, year and city) with the first every airline lounge, which I couldn’t resist wishing a collective 70th birthday.


… but today I’m going to wish fellow BoardingArea blogger Dan Webb a Happy 21st Birthday.


Why am I singling out Dan Webb and not all the other excellent bloggers who I read and converse with regularly?  Because Mr. Webb is a brilliant young man who at such a young age has amassed such a detailed understanding of the airline industry that many twice his age scramble to catch up to his insight. Reading Mr. Webb’s analysis of the airline industry is second to none.


At 21 years of age, Mr. Webb has not only has been consistent in writing Things In The Sky, but also getting his blog picked up by BoadingArea, then have his blog become a featured blog on BoardingArea. While authoring Things In The Sky Mr. Webb found his place as a regular host of the popular weekly AirplaneGeeks.com podcast, as well as fitting in two internships with Flightglobal (where he fits right in with the news outlets’ outstanding global staff of industry journalists), and getting himself into the regular rotation of top tier media invitations for industry events.


Quite honestly … there is not enough praise I could possibly fit into a single blog post for what Dan Webb has accomplished before his 21st birthday.


If you’re not reading Things In The Sky, you’re missing out. If you’re not following @DanWebbage on Twitter, you’re missing out.  If you’re no listening to AirplaneGeeks.com, you’re missing out.


Where is Mr. Webb celebrating his 21st Birthday?  Where else,  EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin … the world’s largest airship.


I now return you to your regular scheduled blog posts … and feel free to go Tweet Mr. Webb a Happy Birthday.


Happy Flying!

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