TSA TSOs Have Been Trained To Not Touch The Monkey

I don’t tend to post one-liner jokes on Flying With Fish, but sometimes something’s are to good to pass up …


The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) policy and procedures covers a vast range of topics to address passenger security, including outlining the procedure for screening service animals. Among the animals directly addressed in the Service Animals screening procedures is ‘Monkey Helpers.‘  While the 8-points for screening Monkey Helpers is straightforward … one section of these procedures stands out like a line from Mike Meyer’s popular Saturday Night Live skit Sprockets.


So how is the sixth line of the TSA’s procedure for security screening Monkey Helpers worded?


TSOs have been trained to not touch the monkey during the screening process.


I think that probably could have been worded in a slightly less humourous way … but humour time is over now.  Feel free to watch the video clip below for a chuckle, and to learn more about Monkey Helpers, visit www.monkeyhelpers.org


Happy Flying!


  1. Clearly from all the complaints… they have not been trained to.. er… not touch the monkey 🙂 I guess there could never be explosives on these guys right?

    I live in hopeless hope common sense will come back to the world….

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