Fly Oman Air & Get 50% Off Your Next Hospital Stay! *participating Bangkok Hospitals only

Oman Air and Bangkok’s Piyavate Hospital have announced one of the most unusual airline marketing partnerships in the history of airline partnerships. Under the new marketing promotion between Oman Air and Piyavate Hospital, passenger flying with the airline from Muscat to Bangkok will receive a 50% discount on Piyavate Hospital medical check up programs and a 20% discount on advanced medical treatments by simply showing their boarding pass at the hospital.


While Piyavate Hospital, one of the top hospitals in Thailand, has been pushing the boundaries of ‘Medical Tourism’ for years, and has been engaged in credit card partnerships for some time, the partnership with Oman Air is most unusual as partnership as the airline’s hub in Muscat is no where near Bangkok.


Exactly how ‘no where near’ Bangkok is Muscat? Its 2,855 miles away … lets put this in perspective, Dubai is only 2,839 miles from Munich, New York’s JFK is ‘only’ 2,475 miles from Los Angeles’ LAX, Sydney is a mere 2,041 miles from Perth, London Heathrow is a quick 1,563 miles from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo … so the 2,855 miles journey, requiring a six hour flight, to obtain a check up at 50% off, or advanced medical treatment at 20% off, isn’t exactly a quick trip to the doctor’s office.


Should anyone be interested in turning up at Piyavate Hospital with their Oman Air boarding pass to receive their medical discounts keep this in mind, these promotional discounts do not cover doctors fees, special medicine costs, dental fees or related personal expenses while in the hospital … yadda yadda yadda … terms and conditions apply, certain restrictions apply and offer is valid through December 31st 2011.


Happy Flying!


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