CityJet’s Tweets Take The Piss Out Of French Actor

Yesterday evening Air France Cityjet Flight 5010 was running 15 minutes behind schedule as it pushed back from Terminal 2E at Paris’ Charles De Gaulle Airport at 7:00pm to fly off to Dublin. On board this two hour flight was world renowned French actor Gérard Depardieu, an Academy Award nominee, Golden Globe winner … and apparently an intoxicated flyer.


As Cityjet Flight 5010 prepared for departure, an intoxicated Depardieu reportedly announced to the whole cabin “I want to piss, I want to piss,” and was informed by a flight attendant he’d need to wait roughly 15 minutes before he could use the lavatory.  Rather than trying to hold his bladder, Depardieu chose to unbuckle his seat belt, stand up, and relieve himself on the floor of the cabin … resulting in a 97-minute delay of the aircraft to clean up the celebrity’s urine.


So … what is an airline to do when a world-renowned actor begins to shout, “I want to piss, I want to piss” before unbuckling their seat belt, standing up and relieving themselves on the floor in the cabin?


For Cityjet the response was brilliant.  The airline, aware of the incident would receive considerable play in the media and through social media, took to Twitter and made light of the situation.  Most airlines would likely try and distance themselves from the situation for variety of reasons, but Cityjet chose to embrace the coverage and run with it.


The following are two tweets sent out by Cityjet addressing the situation without ever addressing the situation.


Happy Flying!



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