Thanks For Your Support of Flying With Fish! Only 103 Stickers Left

A few weeks ago a new batch of 500 Flying With Fish Euro stickers arrived on my doorstep. I expected this box to last at least six months, if not a little longer, but instead they’re nearly all gone after a few weeks.   As of this mooring only 103 stickers remain …


… and I can’t thank you folks enough for your support of Flying With Fish!


Writing Flying With Fish is very much a labour of love. I put in a lot of time researching stories that cover a broad spectrum of topics.  I know Flying With Fish can’t be all things to all people, but I appreciate the reader mail with suggestions and the Twitter interaction that allows me to converse with many readers day in and day out.   Readers supporting my efforts, off setting a small portion of what I put into the blog, is appreciated more than I can possibly express in a blog post.


If you haven’t picked up a Flying With Fish Euro sticker to support the blog feel free to click the “buy a sticker” box in the right hand column or click this link –


Thanks again for your support folks I appreciate it, and more than that … I appreciate that you appreciate what I write!


Happy Flying!


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