Flying With Fish Is Finally Back After The Hurricane

There are some advantages to living in a place where the beach is at the end of your street … for starters I have a great plane spotting view for watching long haul aircraft flying to and from over the Atlantic, I frequently have a front row seat to watching US Coast Guard and Army helicopters training over the water, not to mention some evenings I get to walk down to the beach and make it my office.


While living in a place surrounded by water on three sides is a great place to call home, there are some hazards, especially when one side is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Long Island Sound. Last week one of the hazards arrived on our shores … and overtook the shores … and that hazard was named Hurricane Irene.


Now that the toppled trees are cleaned up, my totaled truck has been towed away, the power is back up and internet is consistent, its time to get back to thinking about things with wings.


As I get some overdue posts posted … I leave you with a few photos I shot of my town while out photographing Hurricane Irene last week.


Happy Flying!


  1. Ted,

    Some debris punched out my windshield during the hurricane and all the water than entered the truck seems to have settled in the dash board frying all of the vehicle’s electrics. The damage caused by the water was beyond the value of my 10 year old Tahoe … but we do have a good amount of wood for the fire pit now!

    Happy Flying!


  2. Tom,

    Yes, the Niantic end of East Lyme. Its a great area all year round, I like it in the fall, winter and spring … when all the summer folks are have left ;0)

    Happy Flying!


  3. Yes very true…can be a bit much some days during the summer with all the people…I’m not to far from ya in West Hartford

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