Reader Mail : Is There A Better Way To Get My Stuff Through Security?

Getting from the ‘land side’ to the ‘air side’ of an airport security checkpoint can be frustrating, especially for infrequent flyers. Airport security checkpoints in the US and around the world may have different designs, but the process of getting through a checkpoint with your belonging is always the same.


This reader mail comes from Jesus Martinez, of Texas, who writes, “I don’t fly often, but when I do I feel rushed and disorganized getting through the TSA checkpoint. Is there a better way to get my stuff through security without feeling so vulnerable?”


Jesus, getting through an airport security checkpoint should be an easy and stress free experience … it just takes some planning.    Rather than write about this, I refer you to my appearance on Good Morning America discussing this very topic.


The video below should allow you to be more organized and consistent in how you get through an airport security checkpoint quickly, easily and without feeling vulnerable.


Happy Flying!


  1. No mention of the dreaded “liquids”? In Europe at least, the rule is that all liquids must be removed from your hand baggage and sealed in an 8″x8″ clear plastic bag, placed in your tray. Remember that the maximum size is 100ml (3.4 fluid ounces), and only one bag per person is allowed.

    More than 5 years after this rule came in, passengers don’t always realise that it covers sun-cream, hair gel, toothpaste, aerosols etc. If these are in your carry-on it is likely to be rejected for hand-search which will certainly slow your progress to the gate.

  2. Once I get past the ID checker, I undo my belt and take my shoes off so right when I get up to the start of the X-ray machine conveyor I am ready to go with that. I put everything in my pockets in my laptop case (everything but my ID goes in when I am waiting in the main line) so it isn’t loose, and thankfully my laptop case is TSA approved, so I can just open up the case and leave my laptop in. After one or two tries you can get your own process down and it is a breeze.

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