Libya Gets Flying Again

Six months after a  NATO enforced No Fly Zone was established in the skies over Libya regular airline service is set to return this week.


While Libya’s two national flag carriers, Libyan Arab Airlines and Afriqiyah Airways, remain grounded, Royal Jordanian intends to restart service from Amman to Benghazi and Tripoli.   Royal Jordanian expects to receive route authority from the Libyan Interim Transitional Council this week and launch service to Benghazi by the end of this week.    The airline plans to start service to Tripoli immediately following the relaunch of service to Benghazi.


Royal Jordanian believes that demand for service between Jordan and Libya is strong among business travelers and those seeking medical treatment outside of Libya.  To accommodate the expected travel demand the airline expects to launch service daily to both Benghazi and Tripoli.


Prior to NATO’s imposed No Fly Zone Royal Jordanian flew twice weekly to Benghazi and to Tripoli five times a week.


Royal Jordanian has not addressed logistical obstacles it may face operating from Benghazi and Tripoli. To avoid refueling, the airline will load its aircraft with fuel to make the round trip flights from Amman.


Hopefully Libya will see Libyan Arab Airlines and Afriqiyah Airways take to the skies again in the near future as the national rebuilds its self.


Happy Flying!




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