Ryanair Charges You For Not Buying Something

Ryanair, an airline that conjures up images of a stark raving lunatic of a CEO, uncomfortable seats and fees for everything … and just when you though Ryanair couldn’t charge passengers any more, it seems they can!


As Ryanair is set to release the Ryanair Cash Passport, a pre-paid Mastercard, another revenue channel for the airline. Passengers booking flights after the 4th of October 2011 will be able to avoid the airline’s  £6 administrative booking fee.


On the surface the Ryanair Cash Passport looks great, customers can load up the cards with currency from seven countries, including British Pounds, Euros, and Dollars from the US, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore … but what if you choose not to use your Ryanair Cash Passport for a months?   Well then Ryanair will charge your card £2.50 for each month the card isn’t used.


I can understand the £10 fee for the balance going negative … but £2.50 for not using the card?  OK, this only occurs if the card has not been used for six months, but still … it is a new way for Ryanair to collect money from passengers for simply not even using their product.


Oh, and should you use your Ryanair Cash Passport at merchant shops in the UK … there is a £0.50 per transaction deducted from your balance.


I have to hand it to Ryanair. Just when I was wondering what else they could charge passengers for, they’ve found a unique way to generate revenue.


Happy Flying!



  1. Nothing beats them, i remember sometime back they also had planned (although just for publicity) to charge for using the aircraft loo. In the name of cheap tickets the passenger ends up getting fleeced for nearly everything right from airport checkin to baggage to what not!

  2. A lot of gift cards and prepaid cards start deducting value every month after a certain period of inactivity, but it is usually a year. This is only news because it is Ryanair.

  3. Kris,

    Comparing the Ryanair Cash Passport to other cards offered by the same company shows that the fee is deducted far earlier than other cards, the fees are higher and other fees are tacked on. This card is Ryanair through-and-through.

    Happy Flying!


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