British Airways Charts New Story Telling Territory

British Airways can trace its logo and call sign, Speedbird, back to Imperial Airways which first flew in 1924, and its complete history back to Aircraft Transport & Travel Ltd‘s first commercial flight between Britain and Paris’ Le Bourget Airport on the 15th of July 1919.


Now, as British Airways looks back at a history longer than any other airline on the planet, the airline has launched a new all encompassing campaign around four simple words found on the company’s coat of arms, which was awarded to the airline by the Royal Heralds and the College of Arms, in January 1975  To Fly.To Serve. 


As this £20,000,000 campaign kicks off the airline has launched a long form commercial that takes viewers through the entire history of British Airways with story telling suited for a film, but packed into a 1 minute 30 second commercial.


British Airways has often upped the ante for its competitors, in route network, on board service, Concorde … and now in its visual and story telling marketing.


Take a moment to watch the history of British Airways pass before your eyes. If this campaign does not inspire you to travel … nothing will.


When you’re done being drawn into British Airways’ history, take few moments to check out the history of British Airways’ fleet in the video just below the To Fly. To Serve commercial.


Happy Flying!





  1. Saw an ad today on CNBC. It seemed odd to feature Concorde – a service they no longer offer – so prominently. My first reaction when I saw the ad was it was an add for a documentary about Concorde. My second (fleeting) guess was that they were deactivating one of them for a period of time.

    Instead, it was merely suggesting they would fly and serve me something.

  2. As inspiring as it is, it tells me how good they were, that is why I flew with them. They tell me nothing about what they will do to keep me flying with them. I still take BA flights because I have to, but usually under an AA flight number. I was a great fan of BA, at one time but in the last 9 months and I traveled with them more than 8 times, all under a code share and the service on board was mediocre, their ground staff terse, and their customer support very lacking.

    Have a look at my blog “BA Spring”

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