Reader Mail “OK, Who Is Otto?”

Sometimes an inside joke isn’t exactly an inside joke … but in the case of Otto it is an inside joke that started on movie screens around the world.


Today’s Reader Mail comes from Rhonda Wilson, in Texas. Rhonda writes: I have been reading your Tweets for close to a year now and have wondered who Otto is. I see Otto referenced from time to time, but yesterday you Tweeted You can always tell the real #AvGeek folks by those who get the reference to Otto rather than those who ask “Who is Otto?” <S> :0),” so I ask, OK, who is Otto?


Well Rhonda, if you have ever seen the movie Airplane! you know who Otto is.  Otto is the inflatable autopilot who starred in the 1980 comedy.


Airplane! is also the source of many quotes and randomly off topic conversations that seems to appear on my Twitterstream, sometimes hashtagged as #AirplaneQuotes (@JohnMilleker seems to have the movie memorized).


Hopefully that clears up your confusion on who Otto is and why he is seemingly frequently referenced by the AvGeek community … somewhere around here I have an Otto Is My Co-Pilot sticker


Happy Flying!




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