Egyptair Curiously States One World Shall Not Be Liable

Airline alliances are made up of autonomous member carriers, frequently airline websites will have some legal wording that separates what an airline has on its website from its alliance, and its fellow alliance members.


Egyptair, having never been a member of an airline alliance before entering Star Alliance, came into Star Alliance as the alliance’s second African airline, on the 11th of July 2008. Egyptair leveraged its membership in a global airline alliance to relaunch its brand and global image.


Given Egyptair’s singular airline alliance membership history there is curious wording on the airline’s website for travelers utilizing Egyptair’s online Visa & Health Information page. Egyptair’s Visa and Health Information page prominently displays the “Star Alliance Member” text and logo at the top of the page … however the wording at the bottom of the page causes some confusion, with the following disclaimer:


The one world Alliance and the one world Alliance member carriers shall not be liable for any damages arising, directly or indirectly, for the use of the information provided, including damages due to inaccuracies.


I have sought clarification from Egyptair for more than a month on the wording of this webpage, however the airline has not responded to any of my enquiries, nor have they corrected the text on the page.  Egyptair claims to maintain its own website in house, which means no outside source could be blamed for a typographical error … twice in the same sentence.


While Egyptair may never answer the cause for this wording, I’ love to know the story behind this text on a Star Alliance member’s webpage.


Below is a screen shot of Egyptair’s Visa & Health Information page as well as a cropped section of the page with the unusual wording.


… now that I think about it … I guess technically Egyptair is correct, OneWorld and the OneWorld member carriers cannot be held liable.

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