Eva Air Flies Hello Kitty Again…quick get the kids…

The last time I wrote about Hello Kitty was in early 2008, three years into Eva Air’s operation of its two Hello Kitty themed Airbus A330-203s, which the airline then retired in 2009 … much to the disappointment of my kids who never had the opportunity to enjoy the Eva Air Hello Kitty experience.


Now, as my youngest child sits at the table across from me eating his cereal from a Hello Kitty bowl, and a pile of waffles sits on a Hello Kitty plate beside me (I swear its my kid’s plate, not mine), I find myself looking at a series of promotional images from Eva Air’s relaunch of the Hello Kitty Jet.


In this relaunch of the combined Hello Kitty – Eva Air travel branding, the airline has increased the number of aircraft emblazoned inside and out with the Hello Kitty theme from two Airbus A330-203s to three Airbus A330s, an A330-302x and two A330-203s.  Like the airline’s first roll out of the Hello Kitty Jet, the aircraft is completely branded for the Hello Kitty theme, inside and out, from seat covers to flight attendant aprons … even boarding cards and baggage tags, the Hello Kitty experience is everywhere.


Eva Air chose to renew its branding deal with Sanrio to put Hello Kitty back in the skies to mark the airline’s 20th anniversary. Eva Air’s Hello Kitty Jet service will initially operate from Taiwan’s Taipei to Japan’s Hokkaido and Sapporo, then expand to Fukuoka, and Seoul, South Korea, as the complete Hello Kitty fleet comes online.


Now all I need to do is figure out how to get my kids to Taiwan to fly Eva Air’s Hello Kitty Jet service before it is retired again!


Below are some images from Eva Air’s Hello Kitty Jet, its unique boarding pass, bag tag, aircraft liveries and route maps.


K-I-T-T-Y   K-I-T-TY, Everybody say Hello Kitty …


… yea, I meant Happy Flying!













  1. Marketing programs know no limits, I guess. That livery and the rest of the ‘kit’ is a bit over the top for my taste. On the bright side, most of the paint job cannot be seen from inside the aircraft. I wonder if the pilots are a little embarrassed to fly these things.

  2. Although the paint job cannot be seen from the inside (although I wonder if they have anything on the wings), they did do up the inside, as fish mentioned. Here are a couple shots:

    Lot of great pictures if you google, including barf bags, place settings/napkins, hello kitty fishcake (!), etc. They’re really going all the way with this.

  3. Actually the new Helo Kitty jets are three A330-300 rather than A330-200. And an English Kitty website will be available soon.

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