SWA Orders Boeing 737MAX On My Son Max’s Birthday

The Boeing 737 has been in the skies long before my birth and certainly long before my birth and certainly long before the birth of my son Max.


The Boeing 737 hit the drawing board on the 11th of May 1964, first took to the skies on the 9th of April 1967 and entered airline service with Lufthansa on the 10th of February 1968.


Earlier this year Boeing announced the update to the Boeing 737 family, the 737MAX and my son Max thought that was the coolest name for a plane he could think of. Max went and dug out a model Southwest Airlines 737 he has, as I packed his Southwest Airlines lunch box for school, to see if it said “737MAX” on it, but I explained the plane wouldn’t be in the skies for a few years and he went back to his Legos.


Well today, the 13th of December, Max woke up all excited for his 7th Birthday and bounded off for school a year old, a year wiser, a year happier and while he was at school I found out that Southwest Airlines placed an order for 150 737MAX aircraft, making them the launch customer.


When Max got home I showed him a Tweet from Boeing wishing him a happy birthday and told him that the 737MAX had its first orders, from Southwest Airlines … Max’s reply?    “Yea they did that for me on my birthday.”


So Southwest Airlines and Boeing … thanks for one of Max’s birthday gifts!


Happy Flying!







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