JetBlue Pays Homage To TWA Once Again At JFK

It has been said that the only way to rebuild something is to tear it down.   This happens time and time again, often leaving the past as a memory without any thought to those that came before you, however JetBlue has honoured its predecessor at its home airport, New York’s JFK International Airport, by keeping a TWA sign lit outside of Terminal 5 since the airline first moved into the terminal.


Now, just weeks after JetBlue has torn down Terminal 6, designed by I.M. Pei,  its first home at JFK, which was originally built by National Airlines and later occupied by TWA, the airline is one again paying homage to those that came before them.


Outside the hole in the ground where JFK’s Terminal 6 once stood … a terminal where I flew some of my first flights as a child on National Airlines’ DC-10 “Sun Kings,” then later waited to pick up the future mother of my kids when she’d visit, fly out to visit the future mother of my kids, and watched my daughter fly out & come home from some of her first flights as a baby … the airline has removed the JetBlue name and logo and replaced it with an original TWA terminal sign.


Driving through JFK’s loop the barrier between the Terminal 5 & 6 parking structure now displays TWA’s famous red letter and stripes.


Classy moved JetBlue … classy move!


Below is a photo of construction of JetBlue’s new Terminal 6 getting underway from behind the TWA sign out front.


Happy Flying!




  1. If I remember correctly that sign was the original and was covered with a JetBlue facade when they were in the terminal. I’m pretty sure I saw it a few weeks ago half and half between the two names as the (de)construction was happening.

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