The Birth Of An Airbus A330-200

The Airbus A330 is a popular wide body aircraft, with more that 820 Airbus A330s flying, and another 1,150+ orders for the aircraft waiting to be built and delivered, this plane can be found with airlines around the world.



The Airbus A330-200 is a large aircraft, at 192.97 feet long, 18.50 feet wide, 57.05 feet tall, stretching its wings to 197.83 feet, and weighing in with a maximum ramp weight of 509,047.36 pounds … building the aircraft is a complex process … but Airbus shows you just how they assemble an Airbus A330-200 in under three minutes.


For those of you wondering what the odd shaped aircraft is at the beginning of the video below, it is an Airbus A300B4-608ST, also known as a Beluga.


Kick back, relax and enjoy watching the making of an Airbus A330-200.


Happy Flying!





  1. Great video I did find interesting how they put the engines on and use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts

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