How Your Holiday Packages Get To You : FedEx’s Super Hub

This time of year children await the sound of reindeer hooves on the roof as they listen for Santa Claus to bring their presents … for the rest of us, we await FedExUPS and the Postal Service from points all around the world.


With the number of holiday packages constantly increasing every year with the steady rise in gifts being purchased on line, the shipping, sorting and delivering of packages globally has created substantial logistical challenges for the world’s major package shippers, FedEx and UPS.   FedEx and UPS operate massive global sort facilities that move a mind boggling amount of cargo every day to nearly every country on the planet.


This year on the 12th of December, the busiest day in FedEx’s history, the company moved an estimated 17,000,000 packages through 1,057 Express stations, 32 Ground hubs, 355 Freight centers and 10 airfreight hubs.  FedEx moved these packages from point to point by more than 90,000 vehicles feeding a fleet of 692 aircraft, flying to nearly 400 airports in 220 countries.


FedEx’s largest sort facility is it its World Hub located at Memphis International Airport and it is known as the Super Hub So, how do 15,000+ FedEx Super Hub employees keep up with moving an almost unimaginable amount of packages over a 550 acre facility, with nearly 180 aircraft gates and more than 300 miles of conveyor belts? Well … watch the video below to find out …


Happy Flying!




PS: For the airplane geeks, the break out of FedEx’s 692 aircraft are as follows:

Boeing: 54 727-200; 65 757-200; 17 777-200F; 58 MD-10-10; 17 MD-10-30; 64 MD-11

Airbus:   71 A300-600F ; 53 A310-200/300F

ATR:      26 ATR-42; 21 ATR-72

Cessna:  246 208B


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