Don’t Miss Johnny Jet’s Jan 1 Travel Channel Special!

If you’re a traveler, follow any travel blogs, follow travelers on Twitter … or just have a thing for people that travel like Richard Branson and posses the charm of James Bond … chances are you know of Johnny Jet.


If you have ever dreamed of experiencing travel with Johnny Jet, the Travel Channel has just what you need tomorrow night, the 1st of January 2011, at 9:00pm EST, as he hosts Hot Spots 2012.  Johnny’s first television special is a one hour journey exploring the Virgin Galactic Spaceport, hanging out on Necker Island (with Richard Branson on his private island), visiting Harry Potter Studios, hopping down to New Zealand and up to Canada.


Be sure to tune in and join Johnny Jet on his adventure,  if you won’t be home, set your DVR.  I know where I’ll be tomorrow night with a big bowl of pop corn …


… and maybe this TV special is just what Johnny needs to redesign his website … I kid … I kid (sort of). Oh, and be sure to follow Johnny on twitter at @JohnnyJet


Happy Flying and Mazel Tov Johnny!




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