When Airline Commercials Made You Smile & Laugh

The personality of airlines in the United States has changed dramatically since the golden age of airline travel. Airline travel was once a luxury, following the 1978 Deregulation Act legacy airlines sought to differentiate themselves from each other and the new upstart airlines that were coming into existence.


In an industry where customers began seeking the cheapest options and viewing airlines as a commodity, some airlines chose to not only focus on what they offered professionally, their aircraft and their route networks, some chose to focus on getting their passengers to laugh.


While many U.S. airlines turned to celebrity endorsers and celebrity cameos following the deregulation of airlines, TWA’s use of Peter Sellers in a series of ads highlighting the airline’s “European Service” in the United States stands out as one of the most creative ad campaigns that kept viewers in stitches while burning the image of TWA into their minds.


Below are three of my favourite TV ads from TWA featuring Peter Sellers … if you don’t know who Peter Sellers go search him on Netflix and be prepared to laugh.


Happy Flying!









  1. Did you see the space in the walkway in the second ad at the end as the stewardess walked around him? Now there would be 2 more seats of economy and half the width of the walkways!

  2. I have always been a Peter Sellers fan and I do believe this is where Air NZ got there idea for the Rico series of ads and flight safety video . I do think that Air NZ do have the best airline ads at the moment

  3. Ahh, yes, loved seeing the young and relatively unknown at the time Terri Garr in the 2nd clip. Nice price per day for hotels – even back then the vacations’ arm was touting the “Per Person Per Day” line.

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