Flying With Fish … Now Available For The Amazon Kindle

Do you like Flying With Fish?   Silly question, if you didn’t like Flying With Fish you wouldn’t be reading this blog post.


As of now you can take Flying With Fish with you, read it on the plane, in the train, with a crane and even in Spain anytime you’d like on your Amazon Kindle or via your iPad’s Kindle App.  I know reading blogs on an iPhone, Blackberry or other smart phone isn’t ideal and taking out a laptop and reading isn’t always practical, but a Kindle tends to be small enough, and easy enough, to read anywhere.


If you’d like to take Flying With Fish with you, wherever you go, try a 14 day free subscription through your Kindle. If you want to continue your subscription it is only (US)99¢ per month.


No, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme to get all the readers to subscribe to Flying With Fish … the blog’s cut of each subscription is a mere (US)29¢ per month.


If you decide to try out Flying With Fish on Kindle let me know what you think.


Below are two images of Flying With Fish on the Amazon Kindle Touch 3G.


Happy Flying!









  1. Why would I pay $12/year to read a blog on an outdated kindle that can’t render a page properly. Are you serious? To be honest, the only reason I read this blog is it shows up on boardingarea.

  2. Hiker,

    I subscribe to two blogs on the Kindle as a matter of convenience. Trust me the 29¢ per subscription doesn’t come any where near covering the costs of what it takes to produce my blogs content.

    Happy Flying!


  3. Really? What extra cost do you have to produce your blogs content that most who fly don’t incur? How do your posts help your readers “fly smarter”? If there is an issue, Boarding Area should consider improving it’s mobile display which is too crippled. Developing blog specific patches that cost readers $12/year for every blog they want to read on a kindle is a step backward, and not something I would say falls under “flying smater”. You are listed as a featured blogger on Boarding Area. From what I understand, that means your blog is more prominently displayed than other bloggers on Boarding Area (your posts will bubble up higher to display in the top 4) and you get a higher cut of referral revenue. No offense, but if you invest anything it should be making your blog’s content more relevant.

  4. Hiker,

    From what I understand all BoardingArea bloggers have the same percentage of the ad revenue generated by our blogs. I don’t know how much you think bloggers make from their blogs, but none of us are making a living off our blogs

    Secondly, give that I frequently cover stories in depth, and on a consistent basis, having beaten ‘major media’ to a number of big TSA stories, stories involving airlines such as Air India, beating everyone to the story of Emirates pulling the A380 from NYC by three months (yes they have brought it back) and undertake considerable research and time investment in what I do … my time is a cost. You go to work, you get paid for your time. My blog is work and I invest a considerable amount of time in it, not to mention phone bills, Skype bills, etc calling foreign countries to get the info I need to beat others to stories or flesh out stories so they are not just sound bites.

    If you don’t like my content, you are free to simply not read it … but if you think I write my blog for the money, you should think again.

    Happy Flying!


  5. Fish,
    I enjoy reading your blog tremendously. The content of your blog is different from every other boarding area blog and I appreciate that. Good luck with this new format!

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