A Week Inside American Airlines … starts now

In 2006 travel journalist Peter Greenberg produced a an unprecedented documentary on the U.S. airline industry focusing on American Airlines, for CNBC, “Inside American Airlines.” The state of American Airlines and the airline industry has changed dramatically since Greenberg spent a week inside American Airlines.


At the time Greenberg produced “Inside American Airlines.” In 2006 American Airlines was the only U.S. legacy carrier to have never filed bankruptcy, now the airline is in the midst of bankruptcy reorganization and fending off hostile merger overtures. In 2006 American Airlines was the worlds largest airline, today it is the third largest in the United States.



Where does American Airlines stand today … over the next week I intend to find out.


For the next five days I will spent 24 hours a day inside the American Airlines network, criss-crossing the United States as I explore its flights, its major hubs, meeting with various executives, and looking into its cargo, maintenance, baggage, catering, in-flight operations, as well as other facets of the airline.


Follow my Twitterstream, @flyingwithfish, over the next few days as I gather the information to wrote about where American Airlines is now and where they may be in the future as they navigate the challenging situation they are in.


Happy Flying!






  1. I look forward to reading your reports. Please keep in mind that for anything other then the on-board, in-flight experience, you will see and hear only what AA wants you to see and hear, along with a hefty bit of PR spin. Enjoy your trips, but please don’t buy everything that they feed you.

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