Sailing Down The Runway At Boston Logan

Every now and again the strange but true reasons for airport delays pop up … and Monday was one of those days as Boston’s Logan International Airport experienced delays of more than an hour due to a sailboat blocking Runway 27.


High tides and high winds tossed boats in their moorings all along Boston Harbor on Monday morning. One boat, a 37-foot sailboat that had been tied up in Winthrop, MA, across Boston Harbor from Logan Airport, broke free and floated more than half a mile before wrecking on the beach at the end of Runway 27.   The boat’s mast was directly in the path of arriving aircraft.


Boston Police and the U.S. Coast Guard worked to move the boat, eventually lowering the mast so the boat was no longer a danger to arriving aircraft, although still beached on the rocks.


Its not every day you hear of airport delays due to a boat on the runway.


Happy Flying!





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