TSA To Allow Snow Globes In Carry On Bags Again

One vestige of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) absurd security should be gone in a few weeks, as the agency has announced it intends to allow snow globes to travel in passenger carry on baggage again.


Snow globes were banned from carry-on bags by the TSA following a failed terrorist plot in the United Kingdom to use liquid explosives on flights bound for the United States, on the 10th of August 2006.  The TSA’s snow globe ban remained in place despite the creation of 3-1-1, allowing passengers to carry 100ml per container within a 1-quart sized bag, and one 1-quart bag per passengers.


The number of snow globes that contain less than 100mil of liquid, and could be placed safely within a 1-quart bag along with toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer is staggering when checking out the snow globe shelf at The Disney Store. Despite the illogic of the TSA’s ban on snow globes, when a person seeking to do harm using a liquid agent could simply mix and match hazardous liquids among bottles labeled mouth wash, perfume, bath gel or anything else, the agency remained adamant that snow globes on their way home were legitimate threats to aviation security.


Well … snow globe collecting travelers can once again look forward to coming home with a glass enclosed diorama of Cancun blanketed in snow … well at least in a few weeks


In mid-August the TSA will repeal its ban on snow globes.   The kicker is the snow globe must fit completely within a passenger’s 3-1-1 baggie and the liquid content cannot exceed 100ml.


For me … I’m sensing my daughter’s snow globe collection expanding again!


Happy Flying!





  1. Fish, a TSO has posted on Flyertalk that this isn’t going to be implemented until later in the year, no firm date yet. There are also no updates on the TSA website regarding this.

    Bad situation for screeners and passengers.

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