Because We Can Use A Smile – NASA Johnson Style

OK, we’ve all seen the awful parody’s of Psy’s Gangnam Style video, including parody’s feature Psy himself, but what we haven’t seen is a Parody for use AvGeeks and SpaceGeeks.   Admittedly I am far more of an AvGeek than a SpaceGeek, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love most things having to do with NASA … so because I think most of us could use a good laugh right now … I present to you the official NASA Johnson Space Center parody of Gangnam Style.


To the person that introduced me to Gangnam Style, and their two cohorts that drove me to stick my fingers in my ears every time I hear Gangnam Style,  this is for you.


Happy Flying!





  1. I’m a NASA employee and I had to face palm at this. The JPL Were NASA and we know it video is 10 times better, still thanks for the link.

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