Follow Santa Using NORAD’s Global Tracking

It is that time of year again … when the North American Aerespace Defense Command (NORAD), a bi-national military coalition of the United Stated and Canada, turns over its global tracking systems to the primary task of tracking one aircraft, making sure this special annual mission goes unimpeded anywhere in the world … the flight of Santa One.  Not even Air Force One flying in the airspace over the United States takes priority of Santa One!


Santa One’s annual flight schedule makes FedEx and UPS flight schedules look lackadaisical as Santa and his crew work with air traffic controllers around the world to be on time and on target delivering presents to boys and girls everywhere.


With the global support in place to ensure Santa One goes ‘skids up’ on time from the North Pole International Sleighport, NORAD’s global tracking systems not only ensure Santa’s flight dispatchers in the North Pole are well informed and the required airspace is clear … but also to let good little boys and girls know where Santa is before they get all nestled in their beds with visions of sugar plumbs dancing in their heads.


Santa One is scheduled to depart in just 90 minutes from the time I am writing this, his Elf Rampers are fueling the Reindeer, double checking sleigh weights and balances, deicing the skids and doing a final check for the on board guidance system as I type.


So … remember, no matter where you are, Santa is headed your way and you can follow him at and on NORAD’s Santa Tracking Twitter feed @NORADSanta.


Ho Ho Ho and Merry Flying!




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