The Logistics Behind Your Holiday Presents Arriving

Around the world we as consumer log onto our favorite eCommerce sites and order gifts for friends, family, clients we want to suck up to or ship gifts from our homes to others around the country and around the world.  How your package gets from Point A to Point B rarely crosses our mind, one truck picks it up another truck drops it off … but there is a whole lot more in play in getting a package from its origin to its destination.


While Santa Claus has established new present delivery logistics to facilitate more effective methods of delivery presents this year, FedEx and UPS have mastered these logistics and continue to improve them constantly.


So, lets go through some staggering numbers for the world’s primary method for delivery gifts.


On a daily average, FedEx moves 6.9 million packages utilizing 654 aircraft, and 43,000 trucks, by comparison, UPS moves 15.8 million packages, utilizing 531 aircraft (301 aircraft are leased) and more than 100,000 trucks.


The average time in transit for a FedEx express package is 17hrs 21min compared to UPS’s average transit time for an express package being 17hrs 57min.   While the average time for a package in transit is statistically quicker with FedEx, UPS has a 91% on time delivery rate compared to FedEx’s 88% on time delivery rate.


So, just how do FedEx and UPS get your gifts delivered on time, overnight, around the world?  Watch CNBC’s story on both companies below.


Happy Christmas & Happy Flying!




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