Sharpen Your Knives, Polish Your Golf Clubs & Fly!

Sharpen up your knives, polish your golf clubs, restring your lacrosse stick and pack them in your carry on bag for your upcoming flights … but don’t pack a drink.


On the 25th of April 2013 the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is adjusting its list of items prohibited as carry on items.   The TSA announced the changes yesterday, followed a threat review by a collective of internal divisions, including the Federal Air Marshals, Chief Counsel, Office of Security Operations & Law Enforcements and Global Strategies. According to an internal memo issued by TSA Administrator John Pistole:


As with other reviews, this one included analysis of intelligence, the current threat environment, operational impacts and existing international prohibited items regulations. Our primary concern remains threats such as improvised explosive devices that could result in catastrophic loss of an aircraft in flight. TSA’s deployment of behavior detection officers, advanced imaging technology, explosives trace detection units and canines that screen both cargo and passengers have strengthened our ability to detect, deter and prevent explosives from getting into the aviation system.


After reviewing the working group’s assessment, I have made the decision to remove some items from the Prohibited Items List. This risk-based change maintains a focus on IEDs and aligns our Prohibited Items List with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) list that currently governs most foreign countries whose passengers fly into, through and out of the United States.

With these new changes pocket knives, under 2.36 inches, with a width under half-an-inch, with a non-locking blade and a non-molded grip will be allowed on board flights in the cabin.  This means passengers cannot fly with their Buck Knife, Gerber Multi-tool or Switchblade, but they can fly with their micra-Leatherman and small Swiss Army Knife.


For the sports travelers, the TSA will once again allow pool cues, lacrosse sticks (keep in defense sticks may exceed airline maximum carry on size restrictions), hockey sticks, ski poles (anyone not pack those in the bag with their skis?) and two golf clubs (because apparently three golf clubs could be a considered a dangerous threat to aviation security).   Bats under two-feet in length are acceptable, however whiffle ball bats of any length will be permitted … because really what danger does a whiffle ball bat present to anyone?


Presently liquids remain prohibited if more than 100ml in volume.


What does this all mean? Well for me, it means I can finally legally fly with my Swiss+Tech Utili-Key knife that I have been flying with undetected for years.


Below are two images from the TSA clearly detailing what knives are and are not allowed … and a few photos of my knife during its travels over the past few years.


Happy Flying!










  1. Soooo you’ve been intentionally carrying/smuggling prohibited items onboard aircraft for the past few years?

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