Sometimes You Just Have To Giggle At Airport Security

Most television ads are barely noticed, they are white noise in the background, but sometimes an ad takes hold and does its job in making connection. For me, this evening one such television advertisement took hold bringing together two things I pay attention to … the Pillsbury Doughboy and Airport Security.


While readers of Flying With Fish will find the obvious connection to airport security, most people do not know my kitchen has an odd collection of Pillsbury Doughboy items and that I often bake cakes (not as often as my kids would like). GEICO’s ad featuring both the Pillsbury Doughboy is perfectly executed for anyone who has encountered a pat down by security at the airport.


So, since we all need a giggle once in a while, here it is, the ad that has had me giggling like the Pillsbury Doughboy all night.


Happy Flying!



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