A Weekly Twitter Travel Chat You Won’t Want To Miss

As a regular weekly co-host of the #TNI (Travelers Night In) Travel Chat it would be easy for me to shamelessly promote that this chat happens every Thursday at 3:30pm EST and runs for 90 minutes … oh wait I just did … but this blog post isn’t about the #TNI chat.


This post is about a new weekly travel chat that debuted last Friday, amid a crowded field of travel chats, but this one stands out. Why does this one stand out? Simple, because of the two hosts who brought it to life, Chris McGinnis and Johnny Jet.


Johnny’s media appearances are really too much to even begin to list, although he was the host of Travel Channel’s Hot Spots 2012 and can frequently be found appearing on major television network shows. Chris’ media appearances, like Johnny’s, are endless and include being the BBC’s Business Travel columnist as well as appearing as a regular travel expert on Good Morning America and CNN’s On-The-Go travel segment.


In short, when it comes to engaging travel experts you really can’t go any further up the food chain than these two.


Following the debut of the #TravelSkills chat last Friday at 12:00pm EST, I asked the two why they decided to start a Twitter chat in the crowded space. The two participate in other Twitter chats, have extremely busy schedules and trying to coordinate a chat at a regular time can be complicated. The answer for the two, who have known each other since the 90s, when Chris mentored Johnny on travel journalism, was simple, ” After speaking on a couple of panels together and receiving so much positive feedback we talked about taking “our show” on the road or at least to Twitter. “

Given the response to the first #TravelSkills chat this past Friday it seems the chat is already a hit with the significant loyal following both hosts bring to the table. The initial chat drove a whopping 5,000,000 timeline deliveries and brought the chat to a trending level of #2 in the United States on Twitter … not bad for the first shot out of the gate. Many established chats would kill for that kind of response.


So, if you’re looking for a great travel chat … aside from the #TNI Travel Chat on Thursdays at 3:30pm EST … set your Twitter schedule to follow the #TravelSkills chat every Friday at 12:00pm EST. You won’t be sorry.


Be sure to follow Johnny at @JohnnyJet and Chris at @CJMcGinnis, their tweets are among the best anywhere when it comes to travel.


Happy Flying!





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