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26/09/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : Bags-&-Regional Jets : Choosing A Frequent Flyer Program : Make Your Own Modular Bags : A Dead Airline Rises, etc

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26/09/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : Bags-&-Regional Jets : Choosing A Frequent Flyer Program : Make Your Own Modular Bags : A Dead Airline Rises, etc etc

Wow, this week has been insane with travel news in the airline industry, particularly within the SkyTeam airline alliance. For starters Alitalia, an airline I have been watching die for more than a year appeared to be fading into the history books with the bagpipes gently growing in sound in the distance. I hoped for the best, but was sure the executioner was sharpening the blade……..as of this morning it looks like Alitalia might have a ray of hope to live on and continue serving as Italy’s National Flag Carrier. Alitalia has a long way to go to compete with a fierce European market, but with some strategic changes they can push forward and become a serious contender in the international and intra-Europe market.

Before I move into the week in review, I’d like mention an addition to my Get Up & Fly Photo Boot Camps. I have had some significant interest in these workshops, yet seats remain available! Just to entice those of you are interested to jump onboard I’m adding this offer…….for those photographers who join me on the New York and Los Angeles Get Up & Fly Boot Camps, I’ll be supplying you with one of my favourite bags for the journey! Before we depart I’ll ship you one of the bags I have discussed repeatedly on Flying With Fish so you can pack it up and bring it with you! Why am I doing this? Because I think this bag is outstanding and an excellent took for photogs to use, work out of and help dictate a stripped down minimalist kit on the road. For more information on the Get Up & Fly Boot Camps visit: www.comeflywithfish.com

For those of you who read Flying With Fish on a regular basis you’ll notice my first ad went up this week. On the right hand column is now an ad from Adorama. Why Adorama? Well for starters I purchase a lot of my camera equipment from Adorama. Secondly would be Jeff Snyder, quite possibly the worlds great professional camera sales rep, I followed him from his old place of business to his current position at Adorama. Need any camera equipment, click the advertisement and a portion of your purchase will go towards supporting the maintaining of Flying With Fish. Don’t want to support Flying With Fish but just want excellent service? Drop Jeff an e-mail at jsnyder@adorama.com or catch him on AIM at JSnyderAdorama

This week I kicked off Flying With Fish with an article on how do deal with leaving your bag at the stairs when boarding a regional jet or turbo prop flight. No one likes being separated from their bag, especially photographers, but there are ways to pack and minimize any risk of damage to your bag and the kit you’ve packed inside it. Find out more here: 22/09/2008 – Leaving Your Bag At The Stairs On Regional Flights, AKA: Valet Check, Stair Check, Planeside Check

On Monday I discussed the almost immediate demise of Alitalia. I am very happy to report that as of this morning they appear to be diverting disaster and have the possibility of continuing to fly. I have some significant concepts on what Alitalia must do to attract and retain premium passengers, and continue to reinforce passenger loyalty, in order to turn around their perception in the minds of business travelers and the flying public, but I’ll keep those details to myself for the moment. To find out about Alitalia’s saga, visit here: 22/09/2008 – Watching An Airline Die A Slow Death : Alitalia’s Almost Certain Failure

Last week I asked the readers of Flying With Fish to suggest an ideal frequent flyer program for photographer Mark Rebilas in this post, 15/09/2008 – Choosing A Frequent Flyer Program : Help A Photographer Maximize His Miles. This week I revealed my detailed answers for what two frequent flyer programs I believe would most benefit Mark in this post: 23/09/2008 – Choosing A Frequent Flyer Program Pt-2 : Fish’s Suggestions For Helping A Photographer Maximize His Miles

Who wants to go to Baghdad? It may not be a tourist destination, but now it will be serviced by Turkish Airlines’ mainline flights from Istanbul. These are the first ‘mainline’ flights to fly to Baghdad, although Royal Jordanian flies regional jet service and Iraqi Airways flies a limited international schedule. This is a definite sign of progress for international business to progress as Iraq emerges into the global market place. Find out more here: 23/09/2008 – Baghdad Gets Scheduled Flights To Europe With Turkish Airlines

Choosing a 1-stop-shopping bag system for short trips that require minimal camera gear can be a challenge. While looking at a variety of systems I decided to make my own out of a few Mountainsmith bags. Find out what I have done to meet my needs and cut down on carrying excess weight here: 24/09/2008 – Simple Baggage Solutions : Make Your Own Modular System

Earlier this month I discussed American Airlines putting WiFi back in this sky in this entry, 2/09/2008 – American Airlines Puts WiFi In The Sky. This week I discuss American Airlines repackaging perks that have offered to their ‘elite flyers’ and how the new announcements of these perks make the airline appears as if they are only roughly a decade behind their competitors in offering these perks. American Airlines might want to focus on customer service (other airlines can focus on this as well) before repackaging its frequent flyer programs and muddling the AAdvantage frequent flyer program. You can read more about AA’s ‘new’ PriorityAAccess here: 24/09/2008 – American Airlines Adds Perks For AAdvantage ‘Elites’…just a few years behind all of their competitors

On Thursday the shareholders of both Delta and Northwest voted overwhelmingly in favour of merging the two airlines. There will be some turbulence in the skies as the merger terms are smoothed out and the two giant legacy carriers move to become one. Both carriers bring significant advantages to the merger, and combined they will be a massive global powerhouse that will need to be factored in by nearly all other airlines servicing international routes into the United States. You can read up on the merger in this post: 25/09/2008 – The Delta Airlines & Northwest Airlines Merger : The Shareholders Vote Today

Looking for a fun iPhone ‘App’ to help you building a new doorframe at home or lining up your tripod on the edge of the ocean? This week’s iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week is “A Free Level.” Learn more about this fun took you can install in your iPhone here: 25/09/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : A Free Level

That’s it for this week…….but feel free to visit www.comeflywithfish.com and join me on an upcoming journey!

Happy Flying!

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  1. Your get up and fly boot camp is perfect for some of us. That a pretty good deal too. I recently quoted a domestic flight from Dulles to Wisconsin and that was $800! SO for the package price you have set, its a bargain

    I am anxious to hear how it works out!


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