3-January-2007 : Mystic, Connecticut

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3-January-2007 : Mystic, Connecticut

Wow, how does the world function at 8:AM? For me 8:AM means either sleeping in my bed, changing planes somewhere, or settled into my seat chewing some gun, trying to sleep with an iPod and noise canceling headsets blocking out the world.

So anyway, this morning I had the great opportunity to be the first speaker at a gathering of wedding photographers from the Digital Wedding Forum. My topic, you guessed it, travel. I was not discussing how to get jobs that require traveling, but more the nuts-and-bolts of traveling. As I have discussed on here before, travel for me is not something that I generally do for relaxation, it is something I do to get my job done as quickly as possible and get home as fast as I can.

Passing this information was a lot of fun and I hope those who were awake for my presentation were able to pick up some useful information from me and apply it to their own business and travel.

Below is a photo of me speaking, shot by Walter Van Dusen , a wedding photographer who is based not far from me in Southeastern Connecticut ( http://www.waltervandusen.com )

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