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30/05/2008-Weekly Roundup: 100th Post For 2008; Baggage Security; Visa?; Southwest’s Humour; Legroom; Airport Etiquette

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30/05/2008-Weekly Roundup: 100th Post For 2008; Baggage Security; Visa?; Southwest’s Humour; Legroom; Airport Etiquette

This is it, the 100th post on Flying With Fish for 2008. I’m not sure if this is just another post, a milestone, or anything else, but a few readers have been asking what I had planned for the 100th post. Honestly, I have no idea. I didn’t know I needed to do something. I didn’t plan anything. Do I need to give a speech?

I guess this being the 100th post for 2008 is a semi-milestone for Flying With Fish. Last year, 2007, the first ‘real year’ Flying With Fish existed I only made 53 entries. This year I am trying to keep Flying With Fish going, not really sure where it’s going, but like most US based travel, I’m sure Flying With Fish will make connections in Atlanta (ATL) and Chicago (ORD)……no wait, it’s already made connection flights in ATL and ORD :0)

Prior to Flying With Fish hitting 100 posts for 2008 the message of the site has been spreading more than I had ever imagined. From being written up on sites such as David Hobby’s “Strobist” (www.strobist.com), Scott Kelby’s Blog (www.scottkelby.com), being written up on Popular Photography Online (www.popphoto.com) and being asked to answer reader mail for Pop Photo. Flying With Fish has also had the good fortune to have been written up in News Photographer Magazine and Popular Photography and allowed me to be a guest on two well respected photo radio shows, Photo Talk Radio and Inside Digital Photo and had me appear as an ‘expert’ on Good Morning America.

Where do I take all this from here? Who knows? I was however interviewed yesterday by The New York Times (www.nyt.com) for an upcoming story on the TSA’s new “Self Select” Security Lanes.

When it comes to the new Self Select Security Lane I have a mixed opinion. I think it is a great idea, I think it can speed up security lines significantly, however I think flyers need more education before they get to the TSA checkpoint to determine which lane they are going to get in……..but I’ve discussed this at the start of this month here: 8/05/2008 – New TSA “Self Select” Security Lanes – The Good & The Bad

……….I’ve rambled enough, so onto The Weekly Round Up

My first post of the week was written early Saturday morning, while sitting at a client’s kitchen table in Hong Kong, as I pondered the idea of how checked baggage can be made more secure. You can read my jet lagged ideas here: 24/05/2008 – Security Of Checked Baggage: Is There A Better Way?

It is not often I get humour from passing an immigrations checkpoint. On Sunday I faced a very frustrating situation that in hindsight is really quite funny. What was this situation? I was asked for my “work visa” upon entering the country of my birth, country of residence and country that issued my passport. Interesting in scratching your head, while also laughing, then you should certainly read this entry: 26/05/2008 – Do You Have A Visa To Work Here? Ummm….I Live Here (Humour From Real Life)

Adding to my humour of the week, if you feel like laughing at mockery of the airline industry, you should watch Southwest Airline’s ad mocking the ‘nickel-and-dime’ airlines. I’m not sure if the ad is as funny for people who don’t follow the airline industry, but it had me laughing for quite a while. Click here to view the Southwest Airlines’ commercial: 27/05/2008 – Southwest Airlines Addresses The Airline “Nickel & Dime” Game

Raise your hand if you want more legroom? OK, put your hands down, no one can see you raising your hand via my blog and if you’re at work your co-workers might wonder why your hand is extended into the air over the cubicle wall. Finding legroom on flights can be challenging. While I don’t have the definitive answer to this question, I have some basic tips that might help you stretch out and extend your personal space. Click think entry for legroom tips: 28/05/2008 – Airline Passenger Legroom: We All Want It…Is There A Way To Get It?

I ended Flying With Fish’s week visiting an old topic…..etiquette. This entry on etiquette deals with wandering ‘LPTs” (loud phone talkers). If these people bother you…….or if you are one of these people, you should read: 29/05/2008 – Airport Etiquette : Doing Laps With Your Mobile Phone

That’s it for this week.

Happy Flying!

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