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3/10/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : SWA’s new threat to UA & AA; The Smell Of Jet-A; Pilot Pensions; Tripods As Carry-on; BA & Qantas iPho

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3/10/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : SWA’s new threat to UA & AA; The Smell Of Jet-A; Pilot Pensions; Tripods As Carry-on; BA & Qantas iPhone Apps

I think I’ll start this weekly round up with something not covered this week on Flying With Fish. Earlier this week Southwest Airlines announced it would begin service at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). Southwest usually enters a market with 4, or more, destinations, they chose to enter MSP with only one. This route is non-stop MSP-Chicago. Many people are discussing how this will affect Northwest Airlines. I have bucked the trend and believe this move is not targeting Northwest Airlines but instead targeting United Airlines and American Airlines, and their customer base at MSP. You can read my opinion on this topic exclusively on AeroChannel.com here: http://www.aerochannel.com/features/4531349

This week on Flying With Fish I launched “Flying With Fish On Twitter.” Twitter is designed to be a social networking tool, which I initially found to be quite annoying. After some looking into Twitter I decided to use it for a different purpose, as an ‘info source.’ As relevant information becomes available to me that I think may be of interest to the readers if Flying With Fish I simply send off a short message. To read more on this visit : 1/10/2008 – Flying With Fish On Twitter (or just sign up to follow me at www.twitter.com/flyingwithfish)

My first entry this week asked the question regarding what keeps me motivated to do what I do. Honestly, I love the challenges involved in traveling. For me, the point of the journey is not to arrive, and since I’ll never have all the answers, I can never arrive. To read up on what keeps me motivated, and how I am working to try and work with the industry directly, visit:
29/09/2008 – I Love The Smell Of Jet A Fuel In The Morning

Last week I received a message from a reader with the user-name “walp” concerning the important topic of pilot pensions in regard to the Delta-Northwest Airlines merger. I planned to link that message to this weekly round up, but instead I decided to dedicate an entire post to it. I think this is an important piece of information and that everyone should take a moment and read it. You can find “walp”s message here: 30/09/2008 – From The Mail Bag : Pilot Pensions

What is the number one question I am asked by nature and landscape photographers? Can they get their tripod on-board as carry on? The answer is yes! For more info check here: 1/10/2008 – Can I Carry My Tripod On-board My Flight?

My iPhone ‘App’ of this week this week is a pair of ‘Apps’ from two OneWorld airlines. Both British Airways and Qantas have released proprietary iPhone ‘Apps’ that are excellent for their flyers. Every airline should take at look at these and explore the option of putting one out there! To read up on why I like BA Flights and Qantas Mobile read here: 2/10/2008 – iPhone ‘Apps’ Of The Week : BA Flights & Qantas Mobile (yes, there are two this week)

……last but not least I have relaunched Come Fly With Fish (www.comeflywithfish.com). On Come Fly With Fish I currently have two workshops up. The intense ’round-the-world’ workshop, and the Single Day “Get Up & Fly” Boot Camp. The Get Up & Fly Boot Camps are scheduled for November 7th departing from New York’s JFK and November 13th from Los Angeles’ LAX.

As an incentive to the readers of Flying With Fish, each participant in the Get Up & Fly workshop will receive one of my favourite bags! If you read this site enough you may have a guess what bag I am talking about it. These bags will be sent out prior to our departure for you to pack up and work out of while attending the boot camp.

There has been significant interest in the Get Up & Fly Boot Camp but just a few more people are needed to meet the minimum required number to take off!

That’s it for this week.

Happy Flying!

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  1. Partially OT, but thought I would share anyway. I flew back to EWR from SFO last week after a great week shooting with Moose Peterson at the San Juan Islands DLWS. I carried my equipment through security in a backpack which went through the x-ray scanner. I got called over by one of the agents and thought 'trouble!'. He wanted to know what I thought of my Canon 5D as a starting camera for him and what glass I would recommend. He held the body (lens not attached, thanks) and when I turned it on, he saw some of the shots still on the card and we started talking photography. His supervisor came over and politely reminded him that there was a line of passengers that needed attention, so he thanked me and let me repack.

    Perhaps its because I'm old(er) and gray, or my charming demeanor(;->) but I've never had as much as a frown going through the domestic security checks and many times get extra assistance moving my bags to the repack and re-shoe area.

    Thanks for a helpful blog,


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