9-July-2007 : A New Way To Power Your Toys In-Flight

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9-July-2007 : A New Way To Power Your Toys In-Flight

The eternal quest for in-flight power has a new cool gizmo, In-flight Power Recharger Cables. This device draws power off the arm rest audio jack rather than a traditional power source, such as an AC power socket or an emPower outlet.

I need to state up front, this in seat power device does not power laptops. That is a major draw back. But with the ability to watch movies in iPods, iPhones and Sony PSPs devices, this little power source alternative looks really cool!

Sure we all want to work in flight, or at least we say we want to work in flight, but sometimes on really long flights we just want to watch a bunch of really bad 80’s movies (admit it, you have the Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and the Blues Brothers somewhere on your DVD shelf)

Sound interesting to you ? Then check it out!

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Happy Flying!

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