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The Best Airline April Fools Gag Goes To …WestJet Again

It is April Fools Day once again, and airlines around the world have launched their annual gags.   This year was a tough choice to make my decision, so I’ll start with the two that were nearly chosen as the best Airline April Fools Gag, both airlines with a Union Jack on their aircraft.   First…

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Who Takes Top Honours For Best April Fools Gag? WestJet & TSA

I’ll be the first one to admit it, I really don’t like April Fools Day … especially when its perpetuated by legitimate news and editorial organizations, large corporations and government entities using April Fools Day to create fake news stories.  The intertwining of legitimate news and gag news stories crosses the line and muddies the…

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WestJet Takes Customer Engagement To A New Level with #WestJet

What can one say about Canada’s WestJet?  The airline is expanding. The company’s corporate culture is unique. The brand image is based on being helpful, transparent and lighthearted.  The message is often unexpected, off the cuff and just brilliant.   I have previously written about WestJet’s use of Twitter and WestJet’s brilliant April Fools videos,…

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Airlines That Embrace Twitter & Why It Can Be A Valuable Tool For Them

Web: www.twitter.com/flyingwithfish — E-Mail: fish@flyingwithfish.com 21/04/2009 – Airlines That Embrace Twitter & Why It Can Be A Valuable Tool For Them –DUE TO THE NUMBERS ON TWITTER CHANGING CONSTANTLY ALL INFORMATION IS VALID AS OF 12:04PM EST (GMT -5) ON 22-APRIL-2009– With airlines continuing to lose money, the global economy in decline and competition for…

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