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AeroChannel, The New One Stop Website For Your Day Of Flight Logistics

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12/05/2008 – AeroChannel, The New One Stop Website For Your Day Of Flight Logistics

Before I head to the airport I tend to use a few web sites to check airline delays, another site to check mass transit and traffic delays, sometimes I go to the airport web site to check security times if they list it. With the recent ‘beta launch’ of AeroChannel (www.aerochannel.com) I can skip most of these web sites and get the information I am seeking in one very user friendly and central location online.

AeroChannel lists logistical information in a way no other website does. Rather than just listing flight delays this site lists information such as traffic, parking, mass-transit, check-in times, security times and flight delays. Not all airports seem to have the same information, but I chalk this up to being in the ‘beta phase’, however AeroChannel appears to be functional with the info I find most critical, which is flight delays and gate information.

You can search AeroChannel by either entering your airport’s three letter code (ie: Newark Liberty International Airport = EWR) , or specific airline/flight information, then choose your information by arriving or departing airport.

For checking info while on the road you can also visit AeroChannel‘s mobile site at www.aero2go.com . For consistent updates AeroChannel offers e-mail alerts and should have SMS/Text message alerts coming online shortly.

In the “beta” phase AeroChannel‘s live coverage is comes in daily from JFK, LAX, PHX and LAS, with some other daily live airports that seem to change from day to day for testing purposes. Even without the live parking, traffic and security information, I foresee AeroChannel as a site I’ll visit consistently while traveling and planning travel. I have very high hopes for this site!

I’d like to thanks David McIntyre (www.davidpix.com), of the Black Star photo agency, and the staff photographer for Cathay Pacific Airways for introducing me to AeroChannel.

Happy Flying!

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