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Baghdad Gets Scheduled Flights To Europe With Turkish Airlines

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23/09/2008 – Baghdad Gets Scheduled Flights To Europe With Turkish Airlines

Commercial air travel is a key element to the growth of international business. Without the ability to travel creating an international network is extremely challenging. Even in this day-and-age where we can fax, email, FedEx and video chat, being able to visit locations and sit down face to face is often how business is conducted.

Today Turkish Airlines announced that it would begin regularly scheduled service between its ‘hub’ in Istanbul (IST) and the capital of Iraq, Baghdad (BGW). This service which is set to begin on the 26th of October, and operate on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

For a nation seeking to rebuild its self and move forward with international commerce this new route allows business travelers the ability to easily travel between Iraq and many European business centers. Turkish Airlines’ hub at IST is also ideal for travel within the Middle East region as well.

While Royal Jordanian Airlines has operated regular service between its ‘hub’ in Amman (AMM) and BGW, and Iraqi Airways also operated service between BGW and AMM, as well as Tehran (THR), these flights limit the potential for doing business in a more efficient manner with European nations due to location and limited connecting flight schedules.

The arrival of Turkish Airlines into BGW also brings the arrival of modern ‘mainline’ aircraft rather than Royal Jordanian’s regional jet flights and the older aircraft in service by Iraqi Airways.

Hopefully the new service into Baghdad is beneficial and allows Iraqi business to grow, expand, and help rebuild a national that is one of the original cradles of civilization.

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