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Flying With Fish On Good Morning America : The Video Clip!

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2/06/2008 – Flying With Fish On Good Morning America : The Video Clip!

I received countless e-mails from people asking if there was a video clip of my appearance on Good Morning America two week ago. Since the segment aired on the 20th of May I had requested a copy of my segment….. and the DVD arrived in the mail today.

With the help of Scott Sheppard, host of Inside Digital Photo (www.insidedigitalphoto.com), who interviewed me a month ago on his show, the segment was edited down to my portion, and uploaded to YouTube……THANK YOU SCOTT!

For you statistics people out there, the Nielsen Audience for the segment was around 4.7 million viewers; the calculated ad equivalency was US$450,000, with a calculated publicity value of US$1,350,000. I’m not sure what any of this means, as it didn’t seem to bring in US$1.35mil as all my following flights (even the long-haul flights over the Pacific) were all in economy class……but hey, it’s good to know this stuff just in case :0)

Without further delay…….Flying With Fish on ABC News’ Good Morning America

Happy Flying!

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