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Get Up & Fly Workshops For Photographers Available Now!

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10/09/2008 – Get Up & Fly Workshops For Photographers Available Now!

Looking to challenge your skills as a traveling photographer but don’t have the time to get away for a week or two for longer workshops? Interested in pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and learn how to travel quickly and effectively? Does overcoming significant logistics challenges, such as not knowing where you are headed, intrigue you?

If any of these catch your interest, then join one of the new Get Up & Fly Workshops!

Get Up & Fly Workshops are one-day experiences that will initially depart from select east coast and west coast cities in the United States and take participants to… Well I won’t tell where, as we’ll be departing for an undisclosed location!

By depriving participants the basic knowledge of destinations, attendees will be forced to immediately overcome basic and complex planning logistics to complete assignments throughout the day. Travel can be hard on the body and participants must overcome the desire to rest, pressing on for a long day of shooting and handling logistics.

Get Up & Fly Workshops will start long before the journey begins, directing each participant to adhere to rigid packing guidelines. These guidelines are simple: you must be able to physically carry everything you bring with you as you shoot. Packing must account for being on your feet for a full day of shooting. Packing light can be a challenge for photographers, and participants will learn to be confident in their choices before setting foot on the plane.

Throughout the day each participant will be given assignments. Each of these assignments will have a deadline that must be met in a limited amount of time. This exercise, while ideal for those interested in photojournalism, is designed to push the ability to work quickly and effectively without the benefit of any pre-planning. The skills learned from this kind of shooting exercise are excellent for location and wedding photographers who need to react quickly to uncontrollable, rapidly changing. The ability to ignore pressure while producing images can reduce a photographer’s stress and allow more freedom to seek out desirable images while working around seemingly formidable obstacles.

At the end of the long day, there will be a critique of how each participant performed under the circumstances. Critiques will take into account the participants experience and skill level. This kind of critique is designed to educate and support everyone from novice to professional photographers.

The first Get Up & Fly Workshop is scheduled for November 7th, 2008, departing from New York’s JFK Airport early in the morning and returning to New York’s JFK Airport early the next morning.

The cost of the November 7th workshop is US$1,250 and is inclusive of all airline travel costs.

The second Get Up & Fly Workshop is scheduled for Los Angeles, departing late in the evening on November 13th from LAX, returning to LAX late at night on the 14th of November.

The cost of the November 13th workshop is US$1,250 and is inclusive of all airline travel costs.

Both Get Up & Fly Workshops require a minimum of four participants for the workshop to take off and fly, and there are a maximum of six seats available for each workshop.

Interested in coming along? Sign up by clicking the PayPal button below!


Happy Flying!

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