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Happy Father’s Day!

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15/6/2008 – Happy Father’s Day!

I’d like to take a moment to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s who read Flying With Fish.

Today, for Father’s Day, my two boys and I went out and explored trains and planes in New York City (I didn’t leave my daughter out, she and Mom enjoyed lunch at “American Girl”). My 3.5-year-old son Max decided that for Father’s Day he and his brother Simon would go have McDonald’s with me while watching planes at the airport.

As Max loves trains we took seven trains today on the way to and from JFK International Airport. Max, Simon and Myself took the subway to the Long Island Rail Road and the Long Island Rail Road to the AirTrain….. or as Max explains it we rode the subway to the commuter train to the AirTrain. After a brief journey we headed over to Terminal 1 to have a relaxing meal of Chicken McNuggets, fries and Powerade while overlooking the planes departing from Runway 31R.

After ‘lunch’ we rode the AirTrain in a circle, so Max could see all the planes, then headed off to explore two additional terminals (hey, I had homework to do). I really enjoy watching kids and their fascination with airplanes. It is hard enough for many adults to understand the concept of how such a heavy machine of metal effortlessly flies through the sky. For me, watching a child’s excitement of watching planes lift off is just priceless.

Max really knows how to make Father’s Day special, McDonald’s and a large international airport :0)

Below are a few photos from today.

The first photo is of Max on the AirTrain checking out the British Airways and Cathay Pacific tails at Terminal 7. The second photo is of Simon (stroller) and Max (in the seat) on the Long Island Rail Road headed towards Penn Station; photo 3 is Simon sleeping on the uptown R-Train after a long day as Max waits for the next stop and his long awaited trip to a hot dog cart.

Happy Flying & Happy Father’s Day!

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a child looking out a window at an airport
a baby sitting in a seat on a train
a baby sleeping on a seat

………..and one final photo. Max checking out the action in JFK Terminal 4 (while holding a toy JetBlue “Blue York” Airbus A320 in his hands)
a young boy holding a toy

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