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Inside Digital Photo Radio Gets A Fantastic New Segment!

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24/07/2008 – Inside Digital Photo Radio Gets A Fantastic New Segment!

OK, this post has nothing to do with travel. This is for the photo-only readers of Flying With Fish.

So what is this post about? Today Inside Digital Photo Radio (www.insidedigitalphoto.com) announced a new segment for the photo-tech-geek crowd! Michael McNamara, the former Executive Technology Editor at Popular Photography (and well respected photo-tech-geek expert), has joined Inside Digital Photo Radio to offer a regular segment entitled ‘The McNamara Report.”

The McNamara Report will feature reviews and photo industry analysis with a candid approach. This is quite refreshing if you ask me (who else remember Peterson’s Photographic and their ‘everything is great’ and articles written in such a way that it appeared no equipment had any flaws?)

McNamara will join host Scott Sheppard (who has had me as a guest on the show and who has actually shot a wedding with me, woo hoo!) during the shows broadcasts, which can also be found on Podcasts after the show has aired.

Check it out folks!

Happy Shooting!

(Whoops, Happy Flying!)

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