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iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Airport Status

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16/10/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Airport Status

No one likes delays at the airport. Delays are not only annoying, but also potentially disastrous when flying on a tight schedule.

Over the past few months I have used a variety of iPhone ‘Apps’ that are designed to keep travelers updated on airport delays. I have previously written about the iPhone ‘App’ FAA Wait in this post : 11/09/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : FAA Wait, now I am introducing your to “Airport Status.”

Having used half-a-dozen iPhone ‘Apps’ I have found only FAA Wait and Airport Status to be reliable and timely on a consistent basis.

Airport Status breaks out delays by Ground Delays, Ground Stop Programs, General Delays and Airport Closures.

Each section breaks out delays by airport, reason for delay and average length of delays.

If you are flying out of Newark (EWR) and there is weather Airport Status will display “WX: TSTMS” which stands for Thunder Storms, with a minimum delay time.

Having tested Airport Status side by side with live delay information I find it to be updated in a manner that is

I have found Airport Status’ information extremely helpful when travel to or from an area experiencing severe weather, as well as through airports known for significant delays, such as New York’s JFK International Airport (JFK ) and Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

If you travel at all I suggest going to the iTunes App Store and downloading Airport Status before heading out to catch your next flight.

Below are two screen shots of the FAA Wait ‘App” on my iPhone.

Happy Flying!

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a screen shot of a phone a screenshot of a flight schedule

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