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Mountainsmith Bag Giveaway Deadline Is Rapidly Approaching!!!

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10/07/2008 – Mountainsmith Bag Giveaway Deadline Is Rapidly Approaching!!!

Come on, you know you want to win a Mountainsmith bag to load up your gear and go! Many travelers are procrastinators. Many photographers are worse procrastinators than travelers, so here is a friendly reminder that ‘The Great Mountainsmith Bag Give Away From Flying With Fish’ deadline is just a few days away !!

The deadline is the 14th of July at Midnight New York time.

Why New York time? Because it is the center of the universe! Yep, that’s right, it is home to three incredibly important airports. New York is home to some of the most congested airspace on the planet. You can fly nearly anywhere from New York (often non-stop!) . The World tunes in to watch ‘the new year’ begin in Times Square. New York is was home to the first airline lounge (the American Airlines Admirals Club at Glenn H. Curtiss Airport , now known as LaGuardia Airport). Most importantly, New York is the place of my birth ………………… oh yea, and I happen to live outside New York in the GMT-5 time-zone (but that answer is really boring).

What do you have to do to win one of three great Mountainsmith bags? Well to win a Mountainsmith Parallax, Mountainsmith Day or Mountainsmith Cyber II, you need to tell the ‘worst case scenario’ you have experienced on the road and how you overcame it!

Your ordeal and triumph must be 400 words or less. I need the details of what and where your worst case scenario happened and I need the details of how you overcame the situation to keep on going (FYI: telling me you ended up in jail is not a solution to overcoming a travel problem).

Any stories that seem a little far-fetched will be verified; also I have read the “worse case scenario” series of books, so no lifting material from there; I also read Flyer Talk and can search the archives so no ripping off material!

Once you have correctly recalled the details of your ordeal and triumph send me an e-mail of 400 words or less! The e-mail address your entry should go to is : traveltips@flyingwithfish.com

Remember, 12:00 midnight, July 14th ……. New York Standard Time (or Eastern Standard Time, or GMT-5, or Zulu-5, etc etc etc). Late entries will end up in the trash.

Happy Flying!

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