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Mr. Fish Goes To Washington – Good Morning America To Feature Flying With Fish!

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15/05/2008 – Mr. Fish Goes To Washington – Good Morning America To Feature Flying With Fish!

This afternoon was spent at Washington DC’s Reagan National Airport being taping a piece for Good Morning America for a story on passenger security, while in TSA screening checkpoints. It was an interesting experience to walk correspondent Elisabeth Leamy through the process of how I prepare for an airport security checkpoint and my methodology for placing my bins-and-bags through the x-ray scanner. While I know exactly how I go through security, and I do the same things over and over again, I had never quite explained my process in such detail.

I am not sure how long the total piece will be, and the air date is not yet set, but when it runs I’ll let you readers of Flying With Fish know! Hopefully my piece will help less experienced flyers learn to go through the process of an airport security checkpoint more calmly, as well as quickly, efficiently and safely.

Below is a photo of me explaining the process of going through an airport security-screening checkpoint to Good Morning America correspondent Elisabeth Leamy.

Happy Flying!

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  1. Hi Steven,

    do you know whether there is a chance to
    see that GMA spot online?
    I am an avid reader of your blog but since
    being located in Germany i see no chance
    to watch that spot easily, except the web…

  2. Hey Marc…
    I missed it too, and I live in the good old U S of A. Go to the ABC news web site, then do a search for “GMA May 20th airport baggage security” and you should be able to find today’s clip. Later this year I have a domestic connection on a legacy carrier going through JFK (same airline arriving and departing) and I’m worried about the security of our checked luggage as that airport has ‘history’ for theft.

  3. Saw you this morning (Tuesday, May 20), on GMA. It was in a segment about “Caught on tape”. It was in the 7:30-8am period. They asked about going through the xray machines … what sequence you use for your stuff and how to protect your valuables.

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