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New Travel Photography Boot Camps Released On Come Fly With Fish!

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10/11/2008 – New Travel Photography Boot Camps Released On Come Fly With Fish!

Over the past few months I have been carefully retooling the Flying With Fish workshops, which can be found at www.comeflywithfish.com.

After carefully examining what I wanted to offer, I scraped the idea of a workshop and focused on what these educational journeys really are…Boot Camps! Each Flying With Fish No-Jet-Lag Boot Camp is designed to teach every participant new skills, push them outside their comfort zone, and focus on the demands of traveling as a photographer.

The new Boot Camps currently include a single day adventure…where you don’t know where you’re headed until you show up at the airport; 5 cities in 5 days in Europe and around the world in 10 days, shooting on 4 continents and a subcontinent.

These boot camps are scheduled for Jan, Feb & March 2009, and are designed to meet the various schedules of nearly anyone interesting in learning how to travel quick, light, effectively. No matter what travel photography boot camp you’re interested in I guarantee two things…..you’ll go home tired and with a new set of skills.

One boot camp not currently listed on Come Fly With Fish is the “Chinese New Year in China Boot Camp.” If there is interest in this visual feast of a boot camp, and 3-to-5 people would like a real experience, I’l set it up. I have the logistics in place to arrive the morning of the New Year’s Parade on the 26th of January and leave approximately 8 hours after the massive fireworks display over Victoria Harbour has ended the following night. Chinese New Year in any city is fantastic, however Chinese New Year in the streets of Hong Kong is amazing!

If anyone is interested, I need to set this up by the first week in December. Pricing should be US$3,000, including airfare, and related taxes, from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). If 3-to-5 people from Europe are interested, I can alternate SFO for a departure from Paris (CDG) for €2,550.

For more information, visit www.comeflywithfish.com

Happy Flying!

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