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Six Songs That Remind Me To Go Home

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3/06/2008 – Six Songs That Remind Me To Go Home

A common subjects on many websites and forums is music. Along the way I have a lot people ask me what music I listen to, or if I have playlists I listen to while on the road. I tend to not really answer these questions because everyone has their own musical tastes, I need no musical motivation to get on the plane and everyone’s personal tastes will dictate what they want to listen to for a 14 hour flight.

Back in February I discussed my travel ritual of listening to Van Halen’s “Top of the World” as flights started down the runway, in this post: 03/02/08 – Travel Rituals and Superstitions. So, rather than answer the common question of what music gets me through long flights, since I am sure your tastes are different than mine, let’s approach music from a different angle.

On my iPod you’ll find six songs that remind me it’s time to come home. Luckily, most trips are less than four days, with my most recent being 70 hours round-trip from “Home” to Hong Kong via Beijing, and one a little over a month ago that took me around the world shooting photo projects in four countries on three continents in 3.5 days…….so it doesn’t take much to remind me it’s time to come home :0) In this list of song a wide range of genres are covered and there is something for everyone.

So, in no particular order, the six songs that bring me home, and either a video or audio link to these songs.

–Wasted Years – Iron Maiden

–Jet Airliner – Steve Miller Band

–I Wanna Be Sedated : Ramones

–I’m Already There : Lone Star
Audio Link – Click Here

–Leaving : Indigo Girls
Audio Link – Click Here

–Take Me Home : Phil Collins

………….that’s it. Those are the six songs that remind me it’s time to download my cards, brush my teeth and find the next flight back to HVN/BDL/PVD/JFK/BOS

Happy Flying!

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