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Southwest Airlines Addresses The Airline "Nickel & Dime" Game

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27/05/2008 – Southwest Airlines Addresses The Airline “Nickel & Dime” Game

It’s no secret that I like Southwest Airlines. While I tend to only fly Southwest on short-haul and point-to-point flights due to convenience and scheduling, Southwest has fairly consistent policies, (usually) friendly crews and staff, a ‘media pre-board’ policy and a fantastic on-time record.

When you fly Southwest Airlines you know what you are getting. There is no bait-n-switch. There is no upgrade game, no ‘elite lines,’ online check in is simple, and while I dislike the airline’s new standby policy (and I sincerely hope they change it!) Southwest Airlines has always been the easiest airline to work with as a passenger.

You want pillows, blankets, an in-flight magazine, a soft drink and some pretzels? You’ve got it! You want an in-flight movie? Bring your own! Worried about an ‘equipment swap’? Don’t worry, you are guaranteed to end up on a Boeing 737 with a 3-3 seating configuration. .

In a recent television ad produced by Southwest Airlines taking a jab at the legacy airlines, that usually cost more and now offer less-and-less to their flyers, Southwest Airlines has created a very funny commentary.

I’ve watched the ad a few times and found myself laughing every time. So with the recent discussions about ‘legacy airlines’ and their growing nickel-and-dime tactics, I wanted to share the new Southwest Airlines ad with the readers of Flying With Fish.

Happy Flying!

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