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Summer Airfare Deals Amid Skyrocketing Fuel Cost? Maybe!

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13/05/2008 – Summer Airfare Deals Amid Skyrocketing Fuel Cost? Maybe!

In the last few months the price of Type A Jet Fuel, much like the cost of the fuel for your car, has sky rocketed. In the wake of these escalating fuel costs we have also witnessed the collapse of multiple airlines and watched the airline industry raise it’s airfares industry wide nearly a dozen times this year.

Despite the fact that most airlines have been flying at record capacity due to the reduction of certain routes, the swapping of larger aircraft to smaller aircraft and the consolidation of routes, the backlash against the increasing airfares is now beginning to affect seat sales. As airfares continue to rise, pleasure travelers are shifting their travel plans and business travelers that are the bread-and-butter of airlines are curtailing their travel.

What does this all mean? How is this good for you?

Well, it means that some airlines are starting to ramp up the summer fare sales. In the past few days United Airlines appears to have increased the number of it’s ‘e-fares’ for this week; Delta Airlines has started to push it’s ‘summer fares’; Air France is offering some great ‘last minute’ fare specials from the East Coast of the United States to Europe; BMI has some very attractive fares from London Heathrow to the Middle East and Manchester to Las Vegas; JetBlue has lowered some of it’s last minute fares and is offering a “$50 off future travel” promo.

With U.S. ‘legacy airlines’ seeking to fill their domestic capacity, while simultaneously scaling back their domestic capacity to compete with domestic ‘low cost carriers’ (LCC) the fare war should heat up this summer to the benefit of the flying publics wallet…………at least it’s starting to look that way.

Happy Flying!

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