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iPad App of the Week – Targus Stylus (its not an app)

Since I first received my iPad I’ve thought it was a near perfect device for so many things … I didn’t know what I was missing until earlier this week when I received a new accessory, an accessory I didn’t know I even needed.  This accessory has made using the iPad even easier … something…

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iPad App of the Week : TiltShift Generator

My photo editing on my iPad is usually similar to my editing on my computer … quick and dirty … crop, colour correct, size, save. For my primary editing with the iPad I use Filterstorm, which I have written about HERE (and I need to rewrite since the App has been improved significantly), but sometimes…

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iPad App of the Week : Camera Connection Kit (its not an app)

The iPad is a fantastic tool, at home, on the road and in a time crunch just over a week ago I found a whole new application for the iPad … complete deadline photo editing solution. While I have previously written about the iPad App Filterstorm for editing photos as an iPad App of the…

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iPad App of the Week : Filterstorm

The iPad has a significant amount of potential for both professional photographer and amateur photographers. Once photographers get past the fact that the iPad will not handle a full version of Adobe Photoshop, there is no Apple Aperture Application and Camera Bits will not be introducing a Photo Mechanic App they can start embracing the…

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