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The Great Mountainsmith Bag Give Away From Flying With Fish!

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26/6/2008 – The Great Mountainsmith Bag Give Away From Flying With Fish!

As a photographer I have relied on Mountainsmith bags to carry my gear for years. I currently use five Mountainsmith products on a regular basis (well really six, since I have two Mountainsmith Tour packs). I have been writing about my Mountainsmith bags since I started Flying With Fish, and even dedicated a whole week to the versatility of the Mountainsmith Tour.

My consistent references to Mountainsmith products have caught the attention of Mountainsmith and they have very graciously offered me three bags to give away to the readers of Flying With Fish!

What do you have to do to win one of these Mountainsmith bags? Simple, you need to tell the ‘worst case scenario’ you have experienced on the road and how you overcame it! In 400 words or less, I need the details of what and where your worst case scenario happened and I need the details of how you overcame the situation to keep on going (FYI: telling me you ended up in jail is not a solution to overcoming a travel problem).

Be honest! Any stories that seem a little far-fetched will be verified; also I have read the “worse case scenario” series of books, so no lifting material from there; I also read Flyer Talk and can search the archives so no ripping off material!

So what’s at stake?

First Prize : The Mountainsmith Parallax photo backpack.
My Mountainsmith Parallax carried everything I needed to travel around the world 1.5x times approximately 4 days while shooting a project for an airline. The backpack held everything I needed to pack, it is legal for carry on with virtually every airline…..and…..it is compact and comfortable enough to be worn while shooting!

Second Prize: The Mountainsmith Day Recycled lumbar pack
I love that Mountainsmith produces bags from recycled material. This is very forward thinking and it helps reduce our individual footprint on the planet. My Mountainsmith Day is used as a small satchel for both my 15″ PowerBook and 13″ MacBook. I also use the Day as my ‘hit the ground running’ bag, stocked with a small kit of lenses and basic lighting accessories.

Third Prize: The Mountainsmith Cyber II Recycled Pouch
These compact pouches are fantastic for carrying a point & shoot, flash, or small lens. I have a used a Cyber II (large) to hold lenses such as the 16-35f2.8 and 85f1.8 on my belt when traveling one body and only two small lenses.

…So think back on your travels and write down the details of your ‘worst case scenario’ and how you overcame the problems to keep on trudging along. Once you have correctly recalled the details of your ordeal and triumph send me an e-mail of 400 words or less! The e-mail address your entry should go to is : traveltips@flyingwithfish.com

THE DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS MONDAY THE 7TH OF JULY! Winners will be announced on the 9th of July.

You may enter once. All entries must have your full first and last name. Anyone enters twice will have both entries disqualified.

…………..and let’s all give Mountainsmith a big round of applause for supporting the readers of Flying With Fish!

Happy Flying!

Small Print:
– Flying With Fish is in no way affiliated with Mountainsmith
– Mountainsmith is in no way affiliated with Flying With Fish
– Judges decisions on winners is final
– Disqualification is at the sole discretion of judges
– Prizes may be swapped for an equal prize at the discretion of Mountainsmith
– Winning entries may be posted, with winners’ names, on Flying With Fish
– Entries that tell me they encountered someone releasing the dogs; or the bees; or the dogs with bees in their mouth and when they bark, they shoot bees at you……will get a good laugh, then be disqualified.

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